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With the military campaign to recapture the city of Mosul officially underway, Medair’s Emergency Response Team enters the next phase of operations in Iraq. The offensive is expected to result in early displacement of an estimated 200,000 people, and an overwhelming need for humanitarian aid.

Medair’s response is focused on emergency mobile health services; water and sanitation; and hygiene, household, and emergency shelter kits. Currently Medair is equipped to address the acute needs of over 52,500 men, women, and children.

There is ongoing crisis throughout Iraq, with an estimated eight million people in need of aid as attacks by armed groups continue to force people from their homes and communities. Destruction and lack of essential services mean families are living in unfinished buildings, with host families, or in crowded camps. 


Emergency Response  

- Mobile Medical Teams treat newly displaced people who may have gone without access to medical care for extended periods. Units are equipped to treat chronic conditions, and to operate in isolated locations where there are few buildings or services.

- Emergency kits for households in transit include basic hygiene, food preparation, and shelter items. Travel can often take several days, on foot, accompanied by the very young, the elderly, and family members who are disabled.

- Full shelter and household kits include items for building a more robust structure, and supplies for up to 30 days.

- Rapid response to overwhelmed water and sanitation systems, ensuring humanitarian standards and best practice for newly displaced communities. 

Health Care – Medair runs the primary health clinic in a camp housing more than 18,000 people displaced by violence. A community health team visits families in their tents to encourage better health and nutrition practices. A feeding programme is available to support mothers and children suffering from malnutrition.

When communities can return home, they often come back to near or total destruction. Medair supports four health clinics with medicines and staff until they are able to operate independently again.

Mobile Medical Teams – When violence forces the mass movement of people, it overwhelms the existing health systems in host communities. As a result, many people struggle to access health care nearby or at all. In response, Medair’s Mobile Medical Teams are deployed to help people who would otherwise go without health services.

Cash Assistance – Medair provides displaced families with the means to afford shelter and other basic items they need to survive while they wait to return home.